Sunday, December 16, 2007

Okubo A Tokyo Neighborhood con't

I so enjoyed this neighborhood I went out every morning with my Holga camera and took pictures. This November Tokyo was very gray and overcast and I came to like how little contrast there was between the gray or tan apartment buildings and the sky. Photos taken with a Holga further enhance this look. Much different from the nearby neon spectacle that's Shinjuku at night.

The designs on the concrete walls, houses and apartment buildings add to the look and feel of the neighborhood.

A bit of color. A yellow van with a gorilla advertising curry or a yellow gorilla curry van??

Another house in Okubo. The greenery was a treat on this street.

An apartment building is being constructed which towers over this area of Okubo. However it was a good landmark when I ventured into the maze like streets and didn't know quite where I was.

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