Saturday, January 12, 2008

Holga Snowstorm

I went out and took photos during our last snowstorm and then again when the snow stopped falling. This is my first winter using a Holga. One nice thing about having a toycamera is that I don't have to worry about the camera (only the film and myself) when I fall into snowbanks or slip on sidewalks covered with snow which hides the ice beneath.

The weather hasn't been consistently cold enough to freeze the local river which looks more like a stream to me.

Snowy scene with a wooden bridge which crosses the river/stream.

Trees along the river's edge and snow of course.

Snow sticks to one tree trunk but not the one next to it.

After the storm everything is quiet, serene and the Stonebridge looks so white.

Fluffy snow covers last summer's sunflowers in front of the Stonebridge.

Tire tracks on the white snow after the storm.

Fluffy snow covers the branches on this bush.


YTSL said...

Congrats on joining the blogosphere! Nice pics and comments (on the entire blog -- yes, I've checked out all your posts thus far on my first visit!). :)

sbk said...


Thank you. I'm happy you like it!