Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Holga Winter in a Vermont Cemetery

Almost snow covered stream on the way to the cemetery.

Creepy trees at the cemetery entrance. It's closed to cars in winter months. The gate in the lower left corner is shut. I like to snowshoe in the cemetery in winter.

Graves on a hillside.

Clouds over the cemetery.

I can't resist this one: is this Ripley from the movie ALIENS or Ripley from Patricia Highsmith's novels.

Graves covered with snow.

Bliss in death.

Deer scat in the snow. Deer were the only other visitors the day I ventured into the cemetery.
And I only saw their tracks.


Eliza Bennet said...

I love looking at the pictures you took. Can't wait to see new ones!

sbk said...

Hi eliza bennet,

Thank you for your kinds words and glad you enjoyed the pictures. I will be posting more soon.