Thursday, February 21, 2008

Holga After the Snowstorm

Our last snow storm left snow and ice on tree branches. So lovely to look at as long as one didn't loose electrical power. I shot 35 mm Ektachrome in a Holga and 120 Ektachrome in a Woca, a Holga clone . I had the film cross processed with intersting results. The blue tints on the 35mm photos run to light turquoise while the 120 blues are deep and bold. The photos were taken on backroads outside of Whitehall, New York.

The woods are so pretty after a snow storm. (35mm)

The branches droop under the weight of the snow. (35mm)

The sky is such a lovely mix of blues. (120)

Farm house after the snow fall. (120)

Ice on the branches sparkles in the sun light. (35mm)

My car's tire tracks in the snow. (35mm)

The main road home is free of snow. (35mm)


YTSL said...

Really like the 120 Etachrome's blues. And wow, I am finding out a lot about how film and cameras can make such a difference -- not just one's own photo-taking abilities per se! ;S

sbk said...

Hi ytsl

Thanks for your comments. This is all fairly new to me so I'm trying different films to see what types of effects I get. It's been fun. I've also become more aware of light.