Saturday, February 2, 2008

Holga -Double Exposures

It's fun to take douple exposures with the Holga or most cameras that use film. Since the Holga is inexpensive I somehow feel free to take more pictures than I might with a more expensive camera. Of course I don't think about the cost of the film and its processing. It's liberating to just walk around and snap photos. Sometimes I even get interesting effects.

I took a picture then turned the camera about 90 degrees and snapped another. I like the plaid effect.

Sometimes I take a picture of snow on the ground and then take a picture of something more colorful. I like layeres and textures in photos. I wish the cigarette butt wasn't dead center.

Another type of double exposure I like is taking a picture then another by moving the camera up and to the right.

The snow, the chimney and the tiered effect of this triple exposure remind me of a wedding cake.

The red truck adds a little spice to this photo.

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