Saturday, February 23, 2008

Holga Whitehall

Whitehall, New York, birthplace of the US Navy, has some interesting buildings by Lock 12 of the Champlain Canal. The photos were taken with a Holga and cross processed which makes the colors more dramatic. This winter day I took photos of the east side of the street in the morning then returned in the afternoon and took pictures of the side of street facing west. The sun doesn't get that high in the sky this time of year so there is a limited time in which to take pictures with a Holga.

Flag bench on a winter's day.

The church is in the process of being taken down. The steeple is all
that remains standing.

I hope the cross on top of the steeple is used on or in another chruch.

A house across from Lock 12 is called Locknest.

Another view of Locknest.

Cupola in the rain.

The Liberty Restaurant along the canal.

There are several types of bricks in these buildings.

Thru an iron grate.

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