Thursday, February 7, 2008

Similar Photos - Holga & Digital Cameras

On a trip to Tokyo I used a Holga camera and a Fuji S3100 Digital camera. I took similar photos of several places as I wanted to see the differences in the pictures each camera took. The sky was overcast most days and I wasn't certain what kinds of pictures I'd get with the Holga. With a 1/100 shutter speed the Holga needs lots of sunlight for successful pictures. I admit not all the Holga shots I took came out. A digital camera has the advantage of seeing ones photos immediately and also being able to delete the bad ones. Recently I've been using the Holga more as I enjoy exploring some of the effects it gets that the digital camera doesn't.

Holga. Outside Nippori Station. I used Ektachrome film which I had cross processed when developed. This process tends to intensify the color which was good as the day was overcast.

Digital. The colors are washed out and the picture seems flat to me when compared to the Holga shot.

Holga. A street near Yanaka Cemetery. There's a light leak at the top in the middle of the photo and there's a definite lack of sharpness in the images at the top of the too. Gives the photo a kind of nostalgic feeling. As you look down the street there's a distortion in the distance that's only obvious when compared to the photo below. Light leaks, a fuzziness in parts of the photo and distortions are all hallmarks of the Holga. What you see through the viewfinder is not exactly what you get in the photo.

Digital. The blue is brighter, the images of the houses are crisper and you can see further down the street in this shot. I like both of these photos.

Holga. The main hall of Benten Shrine located on a small island in Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park. Notice the light leak in the lower left hand corner, the double images of the tree limbs on the upper right side and the fuzziness of the roof-all Holga characteristics. When compared to the digital photo below one can also see how much darker the Holga photo is in shaded areas like under the eaves of the temple. Another feature of Holga photos.

Digital. I like the warm feeling of the sunlight in the photo below. Again I like both of these photos. Each camera takes a different type of photo and each captures a different feeling which I enjoy.


YTSL said...

I've noticed a similar 'washing out' effect in some of my digital camera photos but had simply attributed it to mine being an old digital camera. But maybe that is one of the problems of digital cameras in general? If so, hope they can fix the problem too -- If so, I'd buy that new camera. (OTOH, extra gadgets just don't do it for me!!!)

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