Sunday, March 9, 2008

Abandoned Building Holga

I was sorry to see that this building along the Champlain Canal by Lock 12 is abandoned. Over the years I've seen people who look like they may be artists living there. Both sides of the Canal in this area of Whitehall, New York are home to interesting buildings. In the summer there are a few restaurants located in the backs of the buildings along the water. It's fun to have lunch sitting by the water and watching boats go by.

I stood on the top of a snow bank and held the camera over my head to take this picture. The green in front of the building isn't the canal but the road which runs along the canal. The green color is a result of the cross processing.

The front of the building has seen better days.

The rear of the building is against a rocky hill so the side yard is enclosed at its back by what looks like a high wall.

The No Parking sign looks about to fall over.

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