Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Laundromats are fascinating to me. I find myself stopping and taking pictures of them whenever I have my Holga or Digital camera with me. If no one is inside I go in and take pictures. Dryers are my favorite. I enjoy doing my laundry at them and sometimes I set up a tripod and take pictures while my clothes are washing.

This is my favorite laundromat. I like the green effect cross processing adds to the atmosphere of the place.

Through a dryer door are more dryers.

Double exposure. Please do not sit on the folding tables.

And yes, I even took pictures of washing machines in Japan. This was easy as it's outside.

A laundromat in the Yanaka neighborhood of Tokyo.

I took these pictures with my digital camera kind of hidden inside my jacket. I felt like a weird foreigner...and I guess I probably looked like one too. I regret I didn't get to use a laundromat in Tokyo.

The Japanese dryers look pretty much like the ones at home except they're closer to the ground. I like the individual folding tables.

This laundromat was busy the day I stopped to take pictures so I didn't take any interior shots. It's very homey looking.

I like the rooster and the neon sign in this double exposure.

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