Friday, March 7, 2008

Whimsical Afternoon with my Holga and "Friends"

Since I've been taking a lot of double exposures I thought it would be fun to add other things to the photos. My people friends were busy that day so I took along characters from one of my favorite movies, MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO.

Totoro and Chu Totoro, he's blue, trudge through the snow. The branches are from the second shot so the two didn't really have to push their way through the brambles. Chu Totoro, he's white, stayed home as I was afraid he's get lost against the snow.

In reality the branches are above them as can been seen in this photo.

Totoros and their doppelgangers or just a double exposure...

Totoro was so happy when I told him we were going. The day was sunny but the temperature was around freezing.


YTSL said...

Did I imagine it or did you previously have a comment accompanying the last picture up about your having THROWN O-Totoro up in mid air in order to take that picture??? If so, did he fall into the snow?

sbk said...


No, you didn't imagine it. O-Totoro asked me to delete it as he said he was able to leap into the air without my assistance. He didn't want readers to think he had to be thrown around. I suggested "tossed" but he was insistent. No,he didn't fall into the snow. I caught him after I snapped his picture.