Monday, April 21, 2008

Almost Spring - A Holga Photo Essay

Spring is late to arrive in this area of New England. Starting at the beginning of April I look for signs that soon, well realtively soon, the leaves and flowers will appear. First the snow melts, then there's mud, brown colors and other indicators that, yes, spring will be here in early May. In the meantime I take lots of pictures with my Holga.

A favorite trail is free of snow...... finally.

Signs glisten in the sunlight.

Spring must be close as the "Panorama Coach" is back on the road.

A rainstorm washes winter's sand and gravel off the street. The town looks so clean.

Spring wreaths appear on a church door.

Hooray, no snow on the road, fields or mountains.

The snow has melted along the stone wall too. Yeah, almost Spring.


TorAa said...

I love this post.
I do think Vermont is a kind of my homecountry: Norway

Be aware, the new design of the word verification can hardly be read.

I try my best

sbk said...

Hi toraa,

Thank you for your kind comments.

It takes me several tries with the new word verification. So annoying.

YTSL said...

sbk --

While you confirm the arrival of spring in Vermont, I'm seeing signs of summer arriving here in Hong Kong! :o

sbk said...


Oh my, the leaves are only almost fully out here. By Friday they should be fully formed. As summer nears it becomes greener with more variety of flowers, vegetables, etc. Summer here is mostly enjoyable with hot/warm days and cooler nights.