Friday, April 4, 2008

Holga NYC's Chinatown on a Saturday Morning

Was this street vendor drinking milk tea like I was? So warming on a cold morning.

Last Saturday morning about eleven o'clock was very busy around the Grand Street Subway station. Lots of people, mostly older women, came pouring up the steps to shop for the fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish displayed along the streets of Chinatown. The day was sunny but cold for spring. I used tungsten Ektachrome, took lots of double and triple exposures and had the photos cross processed. The sun was very bright but not high in the sky this time of year so only parts of the streets were sunny.

Everyone was still bundled up for winter as they hurried along the street.

I saw this You Suck Sarah Marshall sign several places in New York. I guess it's promoting the new movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"


This double exposure shows the street on the fruit basket. The basket of fresh fruits looked so good.

As did the Chinese snacks sold by street vendors.

Straightening perms are popular everywhere these days.

Parisi Bakery truck on Hester Street. It's fun to walk along the street as the stores change from Chinese to Italian. One can eat a Cantonese lunch and then three stores down the block have an Italian ice for dessert.

These root vegetables would be tasty in a stew on this cold day.

Roast pork is so yummy!

Graffiti on a red door.

Bamboo for sale

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