Saturday, May 3, 2008

Glimpses of Tokyo and Environs

A late November afternoon. The five story Pagoda at the Buddhist Senso-ji in Asakusa looks dramatic as the sun sets.

People shopping on Nakamise-dori on the way to Senso-ji. The small shops sell traditional craft items, crackers and souvenirs.

Jizo-dori in Sugamo is a shopping street in an area famous for catering to older people. However as seen in the above photo there were middle-aged and younger women shopping too.

An ikebana exhibit held in a side building at the Shinsho-ji temple in Sugamo.

There were many people in room but everyone was very courteous and we took turns taking pictures of the lovely traditional exhibit.

Further along Jizo-dori in Sugamo women were washing a statue of Migawan Kannon in a corner of the temple grounds. The Kogan-ji temple is dedicated to "thorn removal". Women pour water over the statue then wipe the part of the statue's anatomy that corresponds to their aliment. The ailments are transferred to Kannon. I noticed mostly younger women at this temple in an area know for it's elderly.

The famous Daibutsu at Kamakura is every bit as spectacular as its pictures. I call this photo 'Daibutsu without Umbrella' as everyone except the Buddha had one.

Back in Tokyo we enjoyed watching traffic from a pedestrian bridge in the Meguro area.

The ducks blend in with the fall vegetation at Shinobazu Pond in Ueno area of Tokyo.

From the traditional to the modern Tokyo has it all.


YTSL said...

sbk --

Is this photo essay in anticipation of another trip to Japan or are you already in the Land of the Rising Sun once more?

sbk said...


The photo blog is in anticipation of my trip. I was looking over my pictures and realized they were fall and the pictures I'll be taking this trip will be spring.