Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eating in the Dotomburi area of Osaka

Another trip to Japan. This time in addition to Tokyo we visited Kyoto, Ohara, Nara and Osaka. When I asked a friend who lives in Japan about Osaka she said, "Eat, Osaka's food is the best!" So we did. We walked along the streets in the Dotomburi area and looked and ate. We wanted to eat two famous Osaka dishes, takoyaki and okonomiyaki. As seen in the below photos we had an interesting evening strolling and eating and then eating a little more.

The colorful lights along the Dotomburi Canal added to the evening's atmosphere.

Fugu (blowfish) restaurants are one speciality in this area.

An okonomiyaki stand looked so good. We didn't stop as we wanted to eat the dish as a meal not a snack.

We did stop and eat yummy takoyaki (octopus balls) a famous Osaka snack food. So very delicious! The best ones we've eaten.

It was fun to walk along Dotomburi Dori and look at the very colorful restaurants.

It seemed everyone stopped and had their picture taken here. A friend said a famous TV comedian dresses like this.

I didn't know the fellow in the previous photo but I did recognize the man who is probably Osaka's most famous comedian who then became an internationally famous director and actor. Know as Takashi Kitano when directing movies and Beat Takashi in his roles as actor, comedian, poet and painter this multi talented man's poster was very prominent in the Osaka train station.

Yes, we did have room for a last snack. The green tea creme was very tasty .


YTSL said...

Eeeeee sbk --

Reckon we went to many of the same food places in Osaka! Re Dotombori: Did you go up that rectangular ferris wheel? I did.

As for the green tea creme puff: Was that from Beard Papa? If so, you might like to know that there are branches of Beard Papa in Hong Kong, Beijing *and* Taipei... ;b

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

I guess we did and no, we didn't go up the rectangular ferris wheel. We stayed in Kyoto, lost track of time in Osaka and had to hurry back to our ryokan which had a midnight curfew.

No, it wasn't Beard Papa which started in Osaka. I did stop at one in Tokyo and the creme puff was yummy. All the food in Japan was yummy!