Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holga - Okubo Tokyo Japan- Interesting Mistakes?

Just returned from a trip to Japan. I took many pictures with my Holga camera and had an interesting effect happen with one of the rolls of film. The film 'fell off the track' when being developed and my trusty photo person turned off the lights, pulled the shades and covered himself in black and rescued the film. The prints looked like negatives so I asked a film friend to 'print 'them as if they were actual photographs. Both 'prints' look like something from eons ago.

Sunday morning stroll in Okubo, Tokyo.

My actual printed photograph of a stroll down the main drag by Okubo Train Station.

Sunday morning taxi in Okubo,

My print of the taxi.

Women strolling down the street on a Sunday morning in Okubo.

My print of the stolling women in Okubo.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Really like the strolling women shot. The woman in the foreground makes the photo, to my mind, because she looks like she could come from a time long past! :)

sbk said...


Thank you, I like that picture too. The photo shop folks felt so badly they gave me some free rolls of film.
They also said not to ask them to do this effect with other film as they couldn't duplicate it.