Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Favorite Konbini Store in Okubo

While visiting Tokyo and staying in the Okubo area I would stop every morning at the Lawson Store and buy a snack and drink in case I got hungry before lunch. Lawson is all over Japan and is the second largest convenient (konbini in Japanese) store chain. 7-Eleven is the largest. The konbini carries manga, soda, beer, alcohol, snacks, sushi, salads and many products similar to what's for sale in my local convenience market. The big difference is the fresh delicious snacks and even meals the Japanese stores sell. Fresh means a shelf life of a few hours for perishable foods. It was fun to try something different everyday.

Bikes and motor scooters always were parked in front of this konbini.

Freshness is important in Japan so restocking baked goods and other foods is done throughout the day.

The snacks look so tasty, fresh and attractively displayed. The onigiri on the top rows are a favorite of mine. One type is filled with tuna fish and mayonnaise-almost like home.

There are several mirrors in this store and I couldn't resist taking a self-portrait and then snapping a photo of the snack foods.


YTSL said...

sbk --

Like you, love the Lawson stores in Japan but unlike you, never got the nerve to take photos inside one! :D

sbk said...


They are terrific stores. I went in this store once or twice a day so the people working there recognized me (plus I didn't see any foreigners of my age and gender in that area of Tokyo). On my last day I held up my camera and they laughed and nodded okay.