Friday, June 20, 2008

Holga Geo Tracker

This farm marks the half way point of my drive to and from work. A Geo Tracker is parked in the pasture most of the year. Sometimes it sits on top of a pile of mulch other times it's parked near the road.

My drive takes me past a lake, a river, mountains and the fields in the above picture. At this point in my drive I begin to wonder where the Geo Tracker will be parked.

This day the cows were being let into the pasture as I drove by. You can see the cows coming into the pasture in the upper part of this double exposure and also see them passing the Tracker.

Only a few cows were curious enough to detour from their walk into the pasture to stop by the Tracker. I like the side-by-side twin Trackers this double exposure captures.

One cow noticed me while another noticed the Tracker, stuck his head into the front seat and accidently blew the horn. I jumped. The cow seemed oblivious.

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