Monday, June 23, 2008

Holga Rural

I like how the Holga camera vignettes and slightly distorts what I see and how cross processing fujichrome intensifies and enhances color.

Local dairy farm in late afternoon. A sunny day and shooting 800 speed film brings out the red in the buildings.

Another view of the dairy farm. The silo looks almost dreamy. Again late afternoon and using 800 speed film.

View from a bridge. Cross processed.

Shadows of trees on a building. Cross processed.

Table for 4 in the woods. Perhaps for giants...

Double exposure and cross processed mountains.


YTSL said...

Why are farm buildings generally painted reddish brown in the USA? At any rate, seeing those in your pictures makes me all nostalgic for Wisconsin, the dairyland of America! ;b

sbk said...

From Wiki answers:
"Historically, these structures were painted with a mixture oflead oxide (known as red lead) and solvents such as boiled linseed oil or turpentine. Lead oxide was the pigment with the lowest cost and a barn required a great deal of paint. Red lead was also durable and didn't fade as fast as other colours. Red barns are a good symbol of just how common lead-based products were in the past."