Sunday, June 29, 2008

Holga Shibuya

I was curious to see how my Holga would capture the bright lights of Shibuya at night. I used 800 film and of course forgot to change the day setting to night. There 's little difference in the distance settings on the Holga so I tend to forget to use the few option it does offer.

Probably the most famous Tokyo scene- the lights and signs above the streets across from the Shibuya train station.

The double exposure reflects how overwhelmed I felt in this very crowded, busy and hectic area of Tokyo. So much to see, where to look first. But it was a lot of fun to be there in the midst of everything.

I took this self portrait in a store that seemed to specialize in selling bottles of everything.

This large face of Daikoku one of the seven Gods of luck also associated with agriculture and the kitchen, was an oasis of calm in an area with zillions of neon signs. Also Daikoku is sometimes featured by ramen or izakaya restaurants of which there are hundreds in this area.

Another double exposure. I think the giant blue can is an advertisement for a sports drink. To me double exposures really capture the feel of Shibuya at night.

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Durkin said...

awesome pictures! Good work :)