Sunday, June 8, 2008

Holga - Vermont and New York Together

Several months ago I tried rewinding a roll of film I shot then shooting the film again. I didn't rewind the film correctly and the results were disappointing. Last week I decided to try it again and be more careful when I rewound the film. I don't have a dark room but an area in the bathroom can be closed off so there is almost no light. The door sometimes slides off its track so I made sure someone else was home when I closed myself in with my camera. The results were more successful this time. I took photos in Vermont and then Whitehall New York.

Contented Vermont cows standing on the buildings in downtown Whitehall.

The boat on the Champlain Canal heads for a Vermont field.

A sign of warmer weather and summer when boats are back on the Champlain Canal.

Boat passing through a Vermont road.

The silos are on a Vermont farm not part of the Canal information stand.

I think next time I take photos in two places one place needs to be recognizable so the viewer knows the double exposures were taken in different locations. Like Vermont and Tokyo or Vermont and New York or even Vermont and Hong Kong.

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