Friday, June 20, 2008

Kyoto Favorites

The rock garden at the Zen Ryoan-ji was peaceful and quiet even though there were many visitors.

East and West pass each other on this small street in the Gion area known for Geisha and Maiko, Geisha in training. I like the juxaposition of the two Japanese women in traditional kimono walking by the Western woman dressed in the traditional jeans of her country.

Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion, looked so lovely sitting by the calm pond and colorful iris. The Pavilion, covered in gold leaf, is one of many World Heritage Sites located in Kyoto.

WINTER SONATA, the immensely popular Korean TV Drama, is in its 2nd game edition in Pachinko Parlors. Male lead, Bae Yong Joon pictured above with Choi Ji Woo, has a huge following among middle-aged Japanese women. I admit to being a big fan of his also but didn't have enough nerve to venture into a Pachinko Parlor. For an idea of the game and parlor atmosphere listen to and watch a short segment here.

The gardens at the World Heritage designated Ryoan-ji were lovely and a relaxing place to walk after the visitng the Zen temple and it's famous rock garden.

A wonderfully imaginative display at one of the many shops that we passed.


YTSL said...

Great Kyoto pics! I've only ever been to Kyoto once -- when I was 14 and with a tour group. Really want to go again... but on my own and when I can spend several days there.

Re that last picture: Really like it because the cats outside almost look like they're pawing at the window! :)

sbk said...


Thanks. There is so much we didn't see!!! I hope to make several more trips there.