Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holga Local Tiny Pond

Every Spring and early Summer there's a tiny pond in a wooded area near our house. Usually by mid July the pond has dried up but this year we've had a lot of rain so it's still there. The pond is home to frogs who blend in so well with the vegetation I never seem to see them until they jump back into the pond as I stomp around the area.

The vegetation around the pond is very lush and green this year.

The pond is very shallow and covered with small white petals from nearby bushes. There's a frog swimming on top of the water.

Another view of the tiny pond

I took this double exposure of a frog who was sitting on a board. Looks like frogs on twin flying carpets, I mean boards.

A more "Holga" style view- dreamy, slightly over exposed at the top of the photo and dark and underexposed at the bottom.

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