Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Holga Some Photos From Japan

These are some photos I took with my Holga in May in Japan. I like taking double exposures, cross processing slide film for more enhanced colors and turning photos in different directions for a less conventional look. Double exposures are fun to view from different directions as who really knows which is the "right" way to look at the photo.

Young woman resting on a bench. Nara

Again young woman resting on a bench in Nara. Couldn't decide which way I liked the picture turned so I included both.

Looking into a small temple in Kyoto.

Shibuya night. I like how the low light Holga barely captures the people walking along the street in this busy section of Tokyo.

Different styles of apartment buildings in the Okubo neighborhood of Tokyo. I like the red and yellow light leaks.

Young woman walking in cemetery in Kyoto. This double exposure is more interesting turned this way. I like the dramatic vertical contrast between the sky and the hills rather than the more conventional horizontal one.

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