Monday, July 7, 2008

Holga Totoro Photo Shoot Take One

This year, 2008, is the 20th anniversary of the Japanese movie MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO. Big time fan that I am I collect Totoros and Totoro related toys. I was in a whimsical mood one day so took the gang out for a photo shoot. These guys behave well in the house but once outdoors........

Wait, wait a minute. This is a Totoro outing. I see two Hong Kong guys- McDull and Fai. I love you both but this is Totoro's twentieth anniversary photo shoot. McDull, what do you mean you'll stay out of the way? You and Fai are in the front of the picture. I see O-Totoro, Chu (blue) Totoro, Chibi (white)Totoro, cat bus and I can just see Makkuro Kurosuke's eyes. McDull, turn around and look. Makkuro Kurosuke is in front of Chibi Totoro and beside O-Totoro. Yes Fai, you are very cute but it's Totoro day.

Good job, O-Totoro! Good job getting everyone together so I can photograph you. You look like a wise and determined leader.

Guys, what are you all doing? Resting!?! You've been pestering me all week to let you play outside. And come on, McDull and Fai, move out of the photo shoot. Fai you can sit up by youself. You don't need to rest against O-Totoro. Chu Totoro, it's okay. McDull is not blocking you, I can see you just fine.

O-Totoro, great idea for you all to pose on the tree stump. No McDull and Fai, only characters from the movie MY NEIGHBORHOOD TOTORO on the tree stump. Yes McDull, I know you have your own movies. Fai, please, I know you're green but you're not in the trees in the Totoro movie. Nice try.

No guys, it's not time to play tag. Can't you see my shadow. I'm still taking pictures. Or trying to take pictures. No, cat bus you're not "it".

Guys, don't tag me. I'm the photographer. And look, you bumped me while I was taking a photo and now there are doubles of you. ...Yikes, I'm going home. Yes, you can stay and play but be home for dinner please. I'm finished taking pictures for today. Next week. Next week I'll do two photo shoots. One for Totoros and one for McDull and friends.


YTSL said...

Bwahahahahahaha and more pretty please!!! At the same time... um, never noticed it before but your O-Totoro looks sleepy-eyed and Chuu Totoro can look somewhat cross. How come??? ;b

sbk said...


Will write more. O-Totoro looks sleepy becasue his eyelids are 1/3 closed and Chuu Totoro's eyes are a tad too far apart and he looks a tad severe too.