Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ohara Rice Paddy

Ohara, Japan is a rural village about a 70 minute bus ride north and slightly east of Kyoto. Known for a few very old temples and hot springs it also is a farming community. A local shopkeeper suggested we take a few minutes walk off the hilly shopping street and see the local agriculture too.

A farmer driving a rice planting machine between paddies.

Other people tending vegetable gardens. The mountains in this area were very green and lovely this past May.

Rice planting machine in action.

People at work between the rice paddies.

Another view of the rice planting machine.


YTSL said...

Very cool! BTW, is it just me or do the photos, etc. get you thinking of "My Neighbor Totoro"??? :b

sbk said...

Thank you and yes the Japanese countryside did remind me of "My Neighbor Totoro".