Saturday, July 26, 2008

Preparing for Totoro Photo Shoot Take Two

Our previous photo shoot outside on a very nice lawn ended in chaos. So for this shoot O-Totoro, Chu -Totoro, Chibi-Totoros, Mei, Cat Bus, and Makkuro Kurosuke climbed into the car for a drive to a more sedate location, the local bookstore.

Heads up everyone. Smile. What, Makkuro Kurosuke isn't in the car. Are you sure? Look around he's the same color as the seat of the car.

There he is on the top of Mei's mushroom. What, he's small Makkuro Kurosuke. The Makkuro Kurosuke you're talking about is bigger. O-Totoro, are you sure?

All you found was the beret McDull wants you to wear since I wouldn't let him come along with us. I know, I promised him the next photo shoot he'll be the star. What? you all won't come along then. Let's talk about this later.

Quick, close the car door. Phew, just in time! I see McDull, Fai and the Zodiac McDulls and McMugs coming this way.

Don't worry O-Totoro we'll soon be on our way. No, you don't have to wear the McDull Beret for the photo shoot. It's really a shower cap anyway. Yes, I'll get Makkuro Kurosuke from the house. Then off to the bookstore.


YTSL said...

Ooooooo... book store! Have wanted to see that for some time now!!!!!!

And oh my re your having a Mcdull shower cap! Do you use it? If not, aw, come on, just once, won't you? ;b

sbk said...


hehe... it's a kids shower cap but I have used it.

I hope they get to the bookstore sometime this week....