Thursday, July 31, 2008

Totoro Photo Shoot-Bookstore 1

Early morning at the bookstore. Lucky Totoros, they get to tour the store before it opens.

Looks like everyone is ready to go inside.

Wait a minute! Everyone off the sculpture and into the bookstore. Now!

Wow, not only books about Vermont but a calendar too. Do you think she'll buy a 2009 Vermont calendar rather than a Totoro one? Or maybe one for that McDull from Hong Kong. Totoros, I have spaces for more than one calendar, don't worry about it.

A table of sale books. Do you think we're in the "Century" one?

Hey, Totoros, that chair doesn't belong in the middle of the mystery section. Oh, you can see everything better by having it there.

Well you can see just as well from here.

Yummy, look at all the cookbooks. So many recipes to make. Didn't she say there was a cafe here? Much more fun to have someone else make food for us.

What a fun wheelbarrow! Do you think she'll push us around the store?

No, well maybe she'll let us have a garden? What, we have to plant it and take care of it....Let's see the other sections.

Hey, that flash is pretty bright. Guys what are you doing sitting here in the dark? Resting? We've only just started to look around. Okay, I'll turn on more lights while you have a short be continued.......

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YTSL said...

What a great looking bookstore! I could imagine wanting to spend a lot of time browsing there. So, did Totoro and co spend lots of time in there and were they introduced to your fellow bookstore workers??