Saturday, August 2, 2008

Holga Montreal 2

We drive to Montreal via the New York State Adirondack Northway I-87 which is known for its scenic ride through the Adirondack mountains. It's quite a visual contrast as we approach the urban area of Montreal.

Vermont doesn't have billboards so I was excited to see this one for Aldo a fun shoe store with many branches in the Montreal area. We were just starting over Pont Champlain (Champlain Bridge) which crosses the St Lawrence River and Seaway into the city. The bridge is named for Samuel de Champlain who founded the city in 1608.

A side street in the Centre-Ville (downtown) area.

Skyscraper in Centre-Ville. I like how dreamy it looks in this holga shot.

Back entrances to apartments. Montreal is known for outside metal staircases on many of its residential buildings. And yes, they have harsh winters-snow & ice.

Residential side street in Centre-Ville near Chinatown.

We saw motorcycles parked this way many places in the city.

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YTSL said...

Hi Sarah --

Thanks for acting on my request and putting up some photos of Montreal places (e.g., Centre-Ville) that I first read about by way of the writings of Kathy Reichs. :)