Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Attention Historical Korean Drama Fans-Korean Textile Museum

Located in the heart of New York's Little Korea the Lee Young Hee Museum of Korean Culture is a treat for those interested in Korean textiles. For fans of historical Korean Dramas such as Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace) and movies like Untold Scandal this Museum is well worth a visit.

The Museum features the hanbok the traditional woman's garment consisting of a short jacket (jogori) worn with a long skirt (chim). Also on exhibit are court garments worn during the Joseon Dynasty including a traditional wedding outfit and a dancing girl's outfit (kisaeng). Children's clothes and accessories used in daily life are on display too. The lighting is diffuse so as not to fade the costumes but one can still see the detail on everything.

The Museum is on the 3rd Floor.

The head covering can also be worn as a coat.

The head piece worn with this Queen's royal robe is made of lacquered wood and is quite heavy.

Head piece worn with the King's ceremonial robe.

Hat worn by entertaining girl.

One of a pair of Mandarin ducks which are part of a traditional wedding. The ducks mate for life and thus are a symbol of good fortune and happiness for the couple.

Traditional woman's wedding attire. The elaborate textile hanging down the bride's back is part of the woman's head dress not the robe.

A beautiful bride.

A sewing box. The small green quilt block is a design found in Western Cultures too.

Child's clothing with double happiness characters.

Heavily quilted child's jacket.

Children in traditional dress.

Men's hats.

A contemporary quilt designed by Lee Young Hee and made from fabric she designed and had woven for the Museum's exhibitions.

An antique book with hanbok directions.

Kudos to Lee Young Hee for this wonderful Musuem.

The Museum is located at 2 West 32nd Street, Suite 301 between Broadway and Fifth Avenue in New York. $4.00 admission. Open 11-6 M-F, 11-5 Sat, closed Sunday.


Anonymous said...

The woman in the green robe is also a bride, not an entertainer. Korean brides can dress in either red or green. Lovely photos. If you want to see the best of Korean dress anywhere in the world, then the Lee Young Hee museum in Manhattan is the place to go.

sbk said...


Thank you for your information. Correction made. I am very interested in Korean dress and am always happy to receive new information and /or corrections.