Saturday, August 16, 2008

Parking-A Contrast in Space

Recently a friend commented that I live in a rural area yet like to vacation in mega crowded cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong. I responded that vacation to me means visiting or doing something unlike my daily life. Driving home today I thought about my car and how differently I would have to learn to park if I drove in Tokyo. I remembered watching a woman park there and that I took a photo of her car.

Voila, here's the remembered photo. In Tokyo I watched a woman park her car beside her home then put the plants out around the car. Her ability to park in this size space amazed me and I'm not sure I could do it. I hope I remembered to close my mouth as I watched her.

An old school house near where I live has been renovated into apartments. And the tenants have a large parking lot for their cars. And also larger cars than many people in Tokyo drive.

I marvel at how close together the houses in Tokyo are yet they're designed so each family has a sense of privacy. Again I don't know if I could back up and park a car in this small space.
I guess I would learn....hopefully without doing too much damage to the car or house.

Another large driveway in my area. There's room for a car, a truck and a boat (covered on the right).

This home in the Okubo area of Tokyo has a yard, a stone walkway and a place to park a red scooter and I think a car could fit there too.

Another home in my area has lots of room for vehicles.

Covered motor scooter in a street in the Nippori area of Tokyo. Again the houses are close to each other yet retain a sense of privacy. Also many have stone walls with potted plants sitting along the street. So lovely to look at.

This area next to an apartment in Tokyo is large enough for a bike and a place to hang laundry but I don't think a small vehicle would fit....but perhaps Tokyoites with their better parking skills could do it.

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YTSL said...

Goodness, the homes around where you live are huge! Sez she who's currently happily ensconced in a 450 sq ft apartment! ;b