Friday, August 29, 2008


A group on Flickr has a challenge titled "Tunnel Vision" where a toilet paper roll is put around the lense of one's camera to create a vignette effect. I thought it sounded fun and rememberd I'd put an empty paper towel roll in the trash earlier today. I jumped up from my computer, grabbed my digital camera and cut the paper towel roll to what I guessed was a toilet paper sized roll and took a few pictures. The Flickr challenge is a little more serious than I felt like being so I'm putting the photos on my blog.

I was in a hurry and wanted instant gratification so I used curved cuticle sissors to cut the paper towel roll. It's a tad uneven but more interesting than a perfect circle I think. I have several lucky bamboo arrangements to which I've added plastic trinkets like a girl in a bathing suit, an O- Totoro, a Chu Totoro and a catbus.

Oh, there's Chu and Chibi Totoros and McDull. O-Totoro's eye is in the upper right corner.

There's better view of O-Totoro. Also Fai , Chibi Totoro, and McDull.

This photo was taken without a flash and has a more nostalgic old fashioned look.

As does this photo of the jungle of 'lucky bamboo leaves. A fun exercise.


YTSL said...

Woah! These are great shots! Well done, sbk! :)

sbk said...


Thanks, it was easy and fast to do too. Is there a site for suggested uses of for toilet paper rolls? Maybe I should sent this tip in-haha!!