Sunday, September 14, 2008

A New Market & A New Fisheye 2 Camera

Several times a year a friend and I drive an hour and half to the Asian food markets in the Albany, New York area. Fortunately all the stores are located along a major road which runs from downtown Albany several miles to Schenectady. Two of the markets are Chinese owned and one Korean. Each market is a little different so of course we have to shop at all three. Imagine how exicted we were to see another market. A photo opportunity too.

Wow, a supermarket named after one on my most favorite cities. But what's with the curtains in the front window.

There's an open sign so let's go in.

The sign on the door read "Using the Rear Door". So we walked around the building.

And voila, the front entrance was in the rear. And there was a large parking lot with signs in both English and Chinese with directions to get back to the main street. What a good idea.

However even using a flash and 800 speed film the Fisheye 2 makes the inside of the store look dark and mysterious when it's really bright, neat and well stocked. Next trip I'll bring my digital camera. So I put the camera away and got into some serious food shopping.

And what could be better than a clean ladies restroom with fresh flowers. So considerate for shoppers. We had a fun time shopping at this store with its entrance in the rear and plan to return on our next trip. Yeah, now we have 4 Asian markets to shop at.

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