Monday, September 8, 2008

Holga Corn Field

For several years I've driven past the barn in the below picture. Twice a day five days a week. Some summers the barn sits alone in the middle of an empty field. This year I noticed the farmer had planted corn. I watched as the corn grew higher and higher and I could see less and less of the barn. One day I stopped and took some pictures. Now as I drive to work I wonder if the corn will be there as I pass or will it be harvested and the barn alone again.

Old barn surrounded by a cornfield.

One day I got out and walked to the old barn. The corn was taller than me.

Muddy road along the edge of the cornfield.

A double exposure of corn and the muddy road with green water in the ruts.

Closer view of green water in a rut of the muddy road.

Passageway through the cornfield to the old barn.

I like the preying mantis like look of the corn in the upper right hand corner. Good thing the picture is a double exposure or I would have been scared there alone in the cornfield.

Close up of the old barn. The corn stops just before the barn but there are bushes touching the barn on all sides. Maybe the barn isn't used for storage as I'd thought.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Lovely pics -- esp, numbers 1, 3 and 5 from the top. What are the red bits on 3 and 5: Are they from double exposures?

Also, funny but I saw so much corn growing in Tanzania that it's the place I think of when I see corn fields! (Corn as food, OTOH, brings to mind corn crazy Hong Kong!)

sbk said...


Thank you. The red bits are light leaks-one of the effects the Holga is know for...yes, really. I usually tape the camera with gaffer tape as I'm not crazy about the red leaks. This time I didn't tape over the window where the number of the picture appears. Not all my cameras leak in the same place.

Did you walk thru cornfields in Tanzania. It's fun when the corn is tall.

I enjoy your writings & pictures about Hong Kongs "love" of eating corn. I like eating it okay but it's not a favorite.