Saturday, September 6, 2008

A New Toy-Fisheye 2 Camera

The bookstore where I work sells several different cameras put out by the Lomographic Society. Until last week I'd resisted buying a fisheye camera. I'd told myself the camera only takes fisheye pictures and how late 60's is that. My attitude changed after seeing several intriguing photos taken with a fisheye. Of course I had to buy one.

September in Vermont means cooler weather will soon arrive. So off to the laundromat to clean my blankets. Anytime I have many things to do and want to do something else I take blankets to the laundromat. It's my secret, well not so secret now, place to go and do other things and still feel like I'm getting chores done. I loaded 35mm film and took the above picture as I read the instructions which are at the bottom of the photo. I know it's better to read instructions first but I had them and was looking at them so why not take some shots.

The below photo of the Fisheye 2 is from Urban Outfitters web site.

In the following days I took pictures at the bookstore where I work.

In the elevator where I work. Exciting I know.

In the back seat of a coworkers car. Not many people have a Puffin in the back window of their car.

And I couldn't not take yet another picture of my favorite cow herder-the Geo Tracker.

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