Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nighttime Reading

Random piles of books on my bedside table watched over by two cat buses from the movie MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO.

Books on the Nightstand is the blog and podcast of two friends of mine who work in publishing. Several times a year Ann and Michael who are Random House reps come to the bookstore where I work. In addition to selling books to our buyers they also preview books from the upcoming season for our staff. It's always a fun evening of books and pizza.

Recently they ran a contest, "Show Us Your Nightstand" asking people to send in pictures of books on their bedside tables. I had fun looking at the winners and their Grand Prize winner's bedside table even has notes on the photo. In case anyone is wondering I didn't enter as I felt it was a conflict of interest.


Ann said...

Wow, love your blog!! My husband has been playing with Holgas and pinhole cameras for the past few years, but hasn't photographed anything in awhile. I'll have to get him to pick the cameras back up.

Oh,and it would not have been a conflict of interest to enter the contest, but you of course have access to all of the prizes anyway ;)

See you soon.


sbk said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

Look forward to seeing you.


YTSL said...

What a great bedside table composition... love the My Neighbor Totoro calendar hanging near it as well as the cat-buses and loads of books! :)

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Hmm, as I now don't read much beyond periodicals and graphic novels -- and online blogs(!), I wondered about piles of unwatched DVDs? Do they count?

I could make a pile of those that would shame me!

sbk said...

Hi Glenn,

Yes I think DVDs count as I have one unwatched Korean DVD in with my stacks of books.

Unwatched DVDs might be an interesting blog and I'm sure we all have them.