Friday, October 31, 2008

End of Foliage - Holga120N

When I first started using a Holga it took me awhile to learn what lighting conditions and speed film I needed to use to take successful pictures. Last week I bought a Holga 120N with the added features of a hot shoe attachment for tripod use (no more trips to the hardware store for a nut and crazy glue) and a bulb exposure selector for longer exposures. I put the camera on a tripod, set it on B mode and held the shutter down longer which allows more light into the camera. But how long does one hold the shutter down ? The helpful people at my local photo shop suggested counting to ten (one one thousand, two one thousand, etc) in low light. But what about less dark days I wondered. So I shot a roll of 400 speed film and adjusted my counting to what I thought might work. I was very happy to see several photos turned out fine.

I used a shutter release attachment and since there was some sun I counted to" 4 one thousand". Forget the tripod I held the camera over my head. We had such vivid color this year!

Same light and counting and again no tripod.

Again same light and counting. I set the camera on a short tripod on the ground and used a shutter release attachment .

A more Holga like effect taken on a cloudy day in the late afternoon. I set the camera on the railing of a small bridge and held the shutter down for a count of ten.

In the woods and a count of ten on a day with some sun and clouds.

Same day as the above photo. I lodged the camera in a V of a small tree and used a shutter release attachment and counted to eight.


Ann said...

These are great. Some of them would make great mystery book covers -- they have a sense of dread and suspense about them, or maybe that's just the Halloween candy talking!

sbk said...

hi ann

Thanks for your comments. I can see me talking a photo, having it developed, then looking at the photo and noticing an arm or leg sticking out somewhere ;-)

YTSL said...

Great pics, sbk. You really are noticeably advancing with your Holga photography! ;b

sbk said...


I wanted to get back to shooting film again and while the Holga seems a simple camera the light factor has been a trial and error process. So your kind comments are really appreciated.