Friday, October 24, 2008

Umbrellas Kamakura November Rain

Last November after a very late night at karaoke in Shinjuku and a forecast of rain for the Kamakura area we postponed our day trip there and did laundry. The next day in Kamakura it was still raining (not the forecast we read before venturing forth) and I was still humming a favorite tune from our karaoke experience.

In rural Vermont where I live we drive everywhere and tend to wear rain coats rather than carry umbrellas. So while in Japan I took many of pictures of people with umbrellas.

The inclement weather didn't keep these people with their varied and colorful umbrellas from visiting the famous Kamakura Buddha.

A older woman with an umbrella which was color coordinated with her tradtional clothing.

LinkSchool girls enjoying the company of friends at the Daibutsu.

And in case anyone wonders or hasn't guessed the karaoke song that kept running through my mind was an early 1990's favorite by Guns N' Roses, "November Rain". Click here to see and hear the video of this classic almost 9 minute song.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Great pics and interesting combo of umbrellas and Kamakura Buddha. More re the umbrellas: They're surprisingly bereft of cute characters... In Hong Kong, OTOH, seem to always see at least one Hello Kitty-themed umbrella when I walk in the rain... ;b

sbk said...


I too noticed the lack of cute characters on umbrellas as cuteness is seen in so many stores in Japan.