Sunday, October 12, 2008

New York Chinatown- Holga "Shot from the Hip"

While in New York to see ASHES OF TIME REDUX I took some pictures in Chinatown. A friend suggested I "shoot from the hip" rather than holding the camera at eye level. I used an adaptor that allowed me to hold the camera by my hip and in my other hand a device attached to a cable that went to the camera's shutter which let me take pictures. It wasn't as secret agent like as it sounds. People saw I was taking pictures and paid little attention to me.

Older woman smoking.

Man walking past a fruit stand.

Women and child in grey hoodies.

Women looking at clothing.

Man paying for goods at a fruit stand. Light leak and dots from the film.


YTSL said...

Goodness, it looks so Chinese -- and Mainland Chinese at that! :O ;D

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

Yes, it does look Chinese. The area is near the Grand Street Subway Station where the sidewalks are wide enough for outside stands and lots of Chinese come on Saturdays to shop. And people like me come to DVD shop. It's less gweilo touristy than Canal St. and the area just south of Canal.