Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Fall Japanese Festival - Shichi-Go-San

Shichi-Go-San, literally 7,5,3, is a festival for girls age seven and three and for boys age five and three. Girls and boys dressed in traditional Japanese clothing and their parents also dressed traditionally visit shrines where evil spirits are driven out and they ask for a long and healthy life for their children. The festival is held on the weekends near November 15th. Last November I visited two major shrines in Tokyo where the festival was going on.

The middle poster on a bulletin board on Senso-ji Temple grounds in the Asakusa area of Tokyo announces the Shichi (7)-Go (5)-San (3) festival.

A grandmother with her 5 year old grandson and 7 year old granddaughter at Senso-ji.

Grandmother stands beside the walk way talking to her grandchildren as they walk towards a small temple.

Mother and daughter in traditional dress at the Meiji-jingu Tokyo's most famous Shinto Shrine.

Snacks are a fun part of festivals and there were several food stalls at Meiji-jingu. These women were making octopus balls which were served with a yummy brown sauce.


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