Sunday, November 23, 2008

Green and Beige with Blue Sky

People I know who move from the east coast to Southern California comment on the sameness of blue sky and sun most days of the year. I guess I might too if I did more than visit. I had fun taking pictures very early in the morning and felt I was being a considerate guest in that I knew there would be sun so I went out with my cameras and didn't wake up others. Hehe, this means my daughter wasn't obligated to get up and entertain me at 7 AM.

How clean and nice everything looks to my east coast eye.

I spy with my eye Fritz watching me.

A pool, lounge chairs and birds of paradise, wow!

The orange chairs on the deck look inviting.

Such big green leaves.

Across the black top of the parking area Fritz, the cat, looks over his domain.

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