Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shadows & Beige

Last week while visiting my daughter in La Jolla, California I was struck by the many apartments near UCSD painted beige. They looked almost too clean to my New England eye. And certainly too similar. Being the early morning person that I am-5AM wake up-I went out as the sun came up and snapped some pictures with my digital camera. Since the apartment complex where my daughter lives was painted beige outside and inside I took pictures of shadows.

Fritz sitting near a window with vertical venetian blinds.

Fritz sitting on an animation table near a window with venetian blinds.

Shadow of a tree and a big plant on and next to an apartment building.

Shadow of stairs against a ground level apartment.

Shadows of the building and vegetation against a beige apartment.

Fern like shadows of a tree.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Cool pics! More, more, I say!! :b

Also, interesting re the beige. Malaysians seem to favor white (cooler) whereas Hong Kongers away from Central can seem to be Miami-like in their love of colorful colors, including pink! :)

sbk said...


Thanks. I will put up more Calif pictures. I like the pictures I've seen of Malaysia with white-so clean & crisp looking. And yeah to the Miami-like colors in Hong Kong!!