Wednesday, December 10, 2008

At the Beach - Holga

What is a visit to Southern California without a trip to the beach. So one warm afternoon my daughter and I headed to La Jolla Shores Beach for swim in the Pacific. It was a sunny day with perfect conditions for taking pictures. Then... oops...I dropped my camera in a puddle as I walked along the beach. "It's a Holga, it's plastic," I said to myself. I dried off the camera with my beach towel and continued taking pictures.

We parked on a side street and walked to the beach.

My daughter was very patient with my taking pictures of her....

Palm Trees.

And another picture of my daughter.

"Mom, you're not really taking a picture of me climbing over the cement wall." "Oh no," I answered.

Not another picture of my daughter.


Durkin - Go Holga said...

love the shot of the trees, its really dreamy!

sbk said...

Hi Durkin