Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Local Bookstore

Storms, storms, storms but the local bookstore remains open for business. Well worth the drive in snowy weather.

The poinsettias at the entrance to the bookstore add to the festiveness of the season.

Books for gift giving or for a present to oneself.

Big books, small books and even medium sized books-something for everyone.

My favorite section-mysteries.

And used mysteries too.


YTSL said...

Totoro and co weren't with you at the book store this time around? ;)

Re the mysteries (new and used) sections: Those look really good!

sbk said...

hi ytsl

No, it was another snowy day here. Totoro et al decided to stay home as they thought I would make them shovel snow at the store....

Yes, we have a terrific mystery section. Modest aren't I....