Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cold December Nights

Last night after the storm I took some pictures looking out a window which had ice on it. Tonight I thought it looked so lovely out I went outside and took pictures using light from the street lights. The temperature was 7 F (-13.5 C) so I didn't linger.

The moon through an icy window pane.

Another picture through an icy window pane. I turned out the lights in the room for this shot.

By the side of the main road in our town. Almost a double exposure. The thin light lines are sparkles on the snow.

Tonight's moon which is a perigee moon. It was full last night. This shot is taken through some tree branches. The tracks in the snow at the bottom of the photo are mine.

Sparkling snow.

Another nightime shot. The same location as a fall foliage shot from an October post.

I thought the snow plow had left an interesting looking pile of snow.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Really like the sparkling snow shot. And waaaah re all that snow. Seeing your photos makes me laugh again at the thought of the girl I saw in full down parka yesterday in... 21 degrees CELSIUS weather over here in Hong Kong! ;D

Ann said...

Sarah, I do so love your photos! Makes me wish that bad weather hadn't canceled our trip out there last Thursday. I also love your photos from the bookstore, especially the one of the photography section (and I spotted The Oxford Project right off!).

sbk said...

Hi ytsl

All that snow is melting today with warmer temperatures.

What's with fashion??? I've seen down coats on sale in San Diego, Ca and those ultra warm boots, Uggs, worn in mid May in Tokyo. Hehe- I hope those wearers all sweat and ruin their 'cool' image by smelling of sweat.

sbk said...

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your kind comments. I was sorry not to see you last Thursday but glad you didn't have a terrible drive.

One of my delights is taking pictures in the store when no one is around and I can run all over the store. The little kid in me comes out!!