Monday, December 15, 2008

Drivin' Around in My Automobile-Again

The day after our last storm I took some photos in the town where I live and on the back roads. The roads were plowed but just the roads not the shoulders (many roads around here have two lanes and no shoulders) so I couldn't always pull off the road to take pictures so I took them out my car window.

Ice on branches glistens in the sun.

There a single icicle hanging from the bottom of the traffic light.

Christmas trees for sale. US$20 and up.

After seeing this Stewarts ( similar to 7-11 shops) delivery truck I went in and bought a strawberry ice cream cone!

This back road has kind of been plowed.

More ice on bushes glistening in the sun.

Ice beginning to form on a stream.

An abandoned house out in the countryside.


YTSL said...

Great pictures -- they help me get a good sense of the area where you live. BTW, find those dangling traffic lights very 'exotic'. Still remember the first time and place my parents and I came across them -- in Ithaca, New York, back in the spring of 1986 (when I was doing a tour of colleges!)

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

Thanks. I've gotten so used to the exotic dangling traffic lights that I have to be careful when I'm driving places where the lights are on the right side of the road.