Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Between

Vermont is known for its colorful fall foliage, its snowy winters and green summers. However one doesn't wake up one morning and find fall foliage has become sparkling winter snow. In the fall we have a time when the landscape looks barren, the trees have no leaves, the temperature hovers above freezing and many days are overcast. These in between times have a understated beauty which I've come to appreciate.

This time of year the sun is low in the sky. I took these pictures at 2:30 PM.

Ice is just beginning to form on a local river, the trees are bare and the ground is covered with dead leaves.

This milkweed pod has burst open and it's "cotton" is caught on adjoining bushes.

More ice forming along the edge of the river.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Great shots -- really like the first: it looks so dramatic! Were these taken with your 'regular' (digital) camera or the Holga? Am thinking the former.

sbk said...


thanks for your comments. these photos were all taken with my Fuji digital camera :-)