Friday, December 12, 2008

Inclement Weather/Winter Wonderland Part 1

Last night's winter storm brought snow then freezing rain which left the top 3/4" (1.9 cm) of snow crusty. After lightly chopping and brushing the snow off my car I saw there was a thin layer of ice on the surface. I like my Volkswagon but sometimes the doors freeze shut in winter weather. The forecast for tomorrow is for sun (yeah) and colder temperatures (less yeah) so I decided I'd better unstuck the doors today. I lightly tapped around the doors with a putty knife and hammer until I could open the doors. Then after shoveling the snow away from the car I decided I needed to do something fun.

This lovely evergreen is on the way to the local cemetery so it's never decorated for the holiday season.

A former Masonic Lodge and a small red barn now used as a garage sit a hill behind the evergreen.

I stood under the evergreen, held my camera over my head, leaned back a little and took this photo. Ice is frozen on the bare branches of the maple tree.

Evergreen surrounded by leafless maple trees.

Closer view of the evergreen. The branches are drooping from the weight of the frozen snow.

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