Saturday, December 13, 2008

Inclement Weather/Winter Wonderland Part 2

The leafless tree branches make interesting patterns against the sky. After a storm some branches are snow covered while others bow under the weight of ice. When the wind blows or the temperature begins to warm up the ice on the branches or falling off the branches sounds like wind chimes.

I took this photo at about the same location as one in In Between. The difference is this photo was taken a couple of hours earlier and during a break in the storm.

Snow covered branches on a graceful old maple tree.

Woodpecker holes on a dead tree.

The trees look a bit sinister to me though they didn't when I was taking the photo.

Small branches and new snow.

Ice covered branches.


YTSL said...

The ice-covered branch shot is lovely. And yeah, that photo you said looks creepy is!

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

It's sometimes funny how when you're taking a photo you think about capturing a scene or look and then when you view it later it looks so different. In this instance sinister.