Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Too Cold

The in between of my last entry is gone. Yesterday it was 0 degrees F (-17 C) when I arrived at work and by mid morning the temperature had warmed up to 5 degrees F (-15 C). There was a little snow on the ground too.

I sat at my desk and looked out the window before I began my work day.

I like looking out the window at the cars covered in snow. Later in the morning the salesmen brushed the snow off.

Downstairs in the bookstore the Christmas tree adds to the festive atmosphere of the store. Pine is such nice smell too.

A display of some of the books printed on our POD (Print on Demand) machine.

My favorite section. A festive display of used hardcover mysteries.

He looks so young.

And today it's warmer-10 degrees above freezing. The snow looks pretty too.

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