Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yet Another Snow Storm

Guess what?? Another snow storm. I don't think the snow stopped falling from the storm yesterday but the Weather Channel people say this is another storm. Around 10 AM I decided to drive to the grocery store to buy some food and take some pictures around town. Seemed like a good idea before serious snow started to fall.

Our local supermarket. Did someone purposely leave a shopping cart there to catch the icicle when it falls.

Yummy looking regional apples. Perhaps I'll make applesauce today. Or just eat an apple as I'm out taking pictures.

This icicle was too long to photograph without standing in the street. There were too many cars going by and the road was slippery so I settled for a less dramatic looking photo.

Driving along in my car taking pictures maybe wasn't a good idea so I....

....pulled over and stopped to take this picture of our local video store.

I did stop in the road (no traffic coming in either direction, really, I looked) to snap this photo of our local insurance office.

Buildings owned by our local oil company seen through a snow covered side window of my car.

Taking pictures out a car window wasn't fun when the car started to slide-you don't take the picture you wanted.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

So... is this a usual Vermont winter or are you getting more snow than usual this year?

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

This weather is more typical of mid January to mid February. We usually don't get back to back snow storms that run into each other the way they did this past weekend. Some years we have a lot of snow other years not so much. More snow is better for the ski and winter tourist industry.